School Safety

Every child and teacher deserves to know each day they are protected.  This is required for effective learning.  Schools should be a resource for children's mental health needs.  We must provide reoccurring training for our students and staff to help locate and mitigate the risks.  We also must invest in trained professionals to meet our students needs.  I am in favor of the recommendations set forth by the School Safety Task Force and will work to support funding.

Equity In Education For all Types of Students

Chesterfield County must ensure that every child has a path to success and a vision for the future.  We must focus on providing the resources and support that our children need to build confidence in their education and enjoy learning.  I have experienced the diversity of learning styles with my own children and will continue to support our teachers in providing the resources and tools they need to help our children succeed.  

Growth and Maintenance of Infrastructure

Chesterfield County has a significant maintenance and new infrastructure challenge over the next 10 years.  Chesterfield County is growing and new schools must be built in order to fulfill the needs of new students.  These new schools should be built to be long-term assets.  We also must take care of our existing schools and strategically choose repairs and replacements to maximize tax dollars and community needs.  I will be pushing for an equitable distribution of funds into the Bermuda District.

Community Collaboration

The citizens of Chesterfield County are a diverse team.  Different feedback from all  groups of people is important to make sure the right decision is made.  We must work together and collaborate to achieve the very best for our children.  I will create open lines of communication between Bermuda residents and the school board.

Fiscal Responsibility and Control

Your tax dollars are important and should be spent as such.  We must strive to maximize every dollar and cut waste from our budget.  Every dollar must go to improving the future of our children and strengthening our community.  We can create a school system that makes  the most use of the money granted to us through fiscal responsibility and controls.